1. All fees must be paid in advance. If, in exceptional cases, we agree to carry out work without payment in advance, our fees are subject to a 15% increase. 

2. Please send to us cheques made payable to FOIA Centre Ltd. See contacts for our address.

3. Rates for making requests for information/data under the environmental information regulations, the data protection act, access to health records act, the access to medical reports act and the US privacy act, or other “open-access” provisions are the same as for FOIA requests.

4. Rates include a reasonable amount of consultation on requests.

5. Rates are subject to additional disbursements to cover any costs such as charges of public bodies or other organisations responding to requests for retrieving/copying/supplying information/data, and postage and packing. A minimum deposit of £10.00 per FOIA/EIR request in the UK, or £20.00 per overseas FOIA request and other requests, will be charged to cover these expenses. Your FOIA Centre consultant may agree with you a higher deposit if these expenses per request are likely to exceed these amounts.

6. Requests can never be guaranteed to be successful.

7. Rates include, if necessary, making reasonable efforts to press an agency to respond to a request.

8. The rate for asking an agency to review a decision to reject a request in part or in full, making any subsequent appeal to the information commissioner, or equivalent, and thereafter to the information tribunal, or equivalent, is in each case the same as for a single request. If you wish to appeal any decision/ruling, you must notify us (and, if you wish, provide any other relevant information) within 20 working days of our sending that decision/ruling to you.

9. Consultancy is charged at £190 per hour, plus VAT, as is preparation for, and representation before, the information tribunal, or equivalent, or at any other tribunal/court (plus any travel expenses). For up to one hour’s consultation to provide advice about prospective requests or about those that clients have already made themselves, we charge only £70.00, plus VAT, as shown in our price list.

10. Requests for information/data, in addition to those in the UK and the US, may be made wherever freedom of information or similar provisions exist, including Ireland and other European countries, the European Commission, Australia and New Zealand. Prices for overseas requests apply only to countries whose provisions allow UK citizens to make such requests.

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Page updated: 04.01.11