1. You can place your order with the FOIA Centre online, by e-mail or by post. The quickest way is to complete and send to us our online order form. If you prefer, e-mail your order to enquiries@foiacentre.com, or post a completed order form by mail, setting out all the details requested in our online order form. See contacts for the postal address for the FOIA Centre.

2. We will e-mail (or post by mail) to you an invoice setting out the total fee and deposit (to cover disbursements, including charges made by public bodies for retrieving/copying documents). You must post to us by mail a cheque made payable to FOIA Centre Ltd, or make a BACS payment, for the total fee and deposit before we can file the request(s) that you are seeking.

3. That's all you have to do.

4. We will frame requests to give you the best chance of obtaining useful information.

5. We will file your requests and monitor responses to them. We will press the relevant public bodies or organisations to respond if they take too long.

6. We will forward to you (by post or, if practical, by e-mail) documents/ information released following your request. We will keep the disclosures made in response to your request confidential to you until you make use of them (eg for a newspaper, until it publishes an article based on the disclosures). Please note that public bodies will release the same material to anyone asking for it and will occasionally, unprompted, publish it to make it more widely available.

7. We will, if necessary and if you wish, ask a public body or other organisation to review a decision to reject a request for information in part or in full.

8. We will also, if necessary and if you wish, lodge further complaints/ appeals in pursuit of requested information.

9. If an organisation from which you requested information seeks charges higher than your deposit we would ask you whether you want to pay the additional sum, and we would await payment from you for that, before we tell it to go ahead.

10. Please consult us if you want us to carry out wider-ranging research projects, including investigating – for ‘personnel’ or ‘human resources’ departments – complaints or allegations raised in the workplace.


Page updated: 07.02.17