Updated 05.06.09
The FOIA Centre has made a series of revelations about the introduction of the MMR triple vaccination in the UK.
  Acting on behalf of one of the parents of


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The MMR files

a child allegedly seriously harmed by MMR, we obtained under the freedom of information act (FOIA) a huge volume of minutes of Whitehall committees that decided upon the implementation in the UK of the MMR triple vaccination.
  Below are links to a series of articles posted on the FOIA Centre website’s news section, with the latest at the top…

Government drops appeal over MMR minutes
MMR minutes: government appeals over order
Watchdog backs FOIA Centre on MMR minutes
MMR minutes: detailed findings by watchdog
High court: MMR group legal claim collapses
Parliament was given false MMR safety assurance
MMR judge’s family link to triple-vaccine company
NHS was warned on MMR risk to children’s brains
Revealed: how Whitehall dismissed MMR alarms
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