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The FOIA Centre is a specialist, London-based, research company and consultancy. We offer a wide range of research services. In particular, we can help you use the freedom of information act (FOIA), the data protection act, environmental information regulations, and other “open-access” laws in the UK – and throughout the world.

Working on behalf of businesses, newspapers and other media, law firms, campaign groups, charities and individuals, the FOIA Centre makes requests under “freedom of information” and other open-access laws to government departments and other public bodies and organisations.

The FOIA Centre was established in 2001, making it Britain’s first company offering to obtain, on behalf of clients, information using open-access provisions. And, because the FOIA Centre uses “freedom of information” and other open-access laws to research subjects and obtain material, it does not employ the illegal information-gathering methods of private detectives or “enquiry agents”.

The FOIA Centre only works for clients seeking information: we do not provide any service (such as consultancy or training) to any organisation related to responding to requests under “freedom of information” or other open-access laws. We believe that working for both sides would inevitably lead to conflicts of interest. So, if you want to unlock information, then the FOIA Centre is on your side.

FOIA is an acronym (pronounced similarly to foyer); the term is widely used in America instead of saying in full either, “freedom of information”, or, “freedom of information act”, and it is gradually becoming a recognised word in the UK. Britons will become as familiar with “FOIA” as Americans are when use of the freedom of information act becomes as widespread in the UK as in the US, and when they see “freedom of information” as a right comparable to “freedom of expression”.

If you have any queries about exercising your “right to know” that are not covered by this website, the best way to ask is to e-mail us, otherwise please see our contact details. And take a look at our news section for articles about, or derived from, “freedom of information”.

For an overview of your “right to know”, “freedom of information” and other open-access laws, click here.

The FOIA Centre has developed from its roots of specialising in open-access digging to undertake wider-ranging research and investigative projects. For example, we can investigate – for ‘personnel’ or ‘human resources’ departments – complaints or allegations raised in the workplace.


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© 2004-2022 FOIA Centre Ltd. All rights reserved. If you would like to re-publish any material published on this website, you must contact the FOIA Centre to ask for permission in advance. Permission will usually be granted to non-commercial organisations to re-publish specific material on this website provided the FOIA Centre and its website, www.foiacentre.com, are cited as the source. Permission will usually be granted to commercial organisations, including newspapers and other media, for a fee and provided the FOIA Centre and its website, www.foiacentre.com, are cited as the source.

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